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About Us

District of Columbia #1 Cannabis Game Show !

Blunt Factz is Washington, DC’s first and fan favorite cannabis game show. This show was created to bring education and awareness of the cannabis culture in DC and across the country. All of the shows are recorded live at different and exciting locations every episode. We travel throughout the city and country to cannabis and non cannabis events and film man on the street, improve style questions with live contestants. Our games range from multiple choice and cannabis trivia questions to the Canna Scramble Board and head to head Canna Karaoke. Winners of our game show receive prizes (swag bags) for their participation


Prizes consist of our own brands, Grizzi Clothing and Soufeast Ratchet Cakes, as well as items from our national sponsors Hemp2O, Empire Rolling Papers and Tarantula Pre Rolls to name a few. We service our sponsors by producing commercials for their products, placing the commercials and their products throughout the show. Additionally, we give several mentions during the show and utilize social media to cross brand with our promotional partners.


The game show is filmed in various location in Washington, DC and across the country. We film at different locations to keep every episode interesting and new and to bring awareness of the growing cannabis culture in DC and across the country. We also have media and vendor access to some of the biggest cannabis events across the country including growing alongside the National Cannabis Festival throughout the years. This access gives sponsors the opportunity to promote their brand and products through our on location game show merchandise booth.


Host / Executive Producer


    Sales  / Executive Producer

    Production Specialist / Executive Producer